The team at RSPCA education


Image of David Allen


David Allen (BA, PGCE, MCIPD), Head of Education and Prevention

"I came to the RSPCA after teaching in the UK and abroad. Working for an organisation whose aim is to prevent cruelty and promote kindness to animals has to make mine one of the best jobs in the country. People use labels like 'dangerous dogs' but in reality there are no problem animals,  just problem people and with animal welfare education we help them find empathy, compassion and understanding." 


Claire Blakey RSPCA Education Team

Claire Blakey (BSc.Hons, MA), Adult Intervention Adviser

"I spent 15 years working within the Criminal Justice System and recognise the importance of education as part of rehabilitation. Working for the RSPCA has given me the opportunity to improve the welfare of animals by supporting people to better understand the needs of animals and how to care for them."



Charlie Chan RSPCA Education Team

Charlie Chan (BA.Hons, MA), Birmingham Community Engagement Manager

"As a professional youth and community practitioner, I have worked with children and young people in a variety of settings over the past ten years. My passion is making the most of the resources we have around us to provide engaging and authentic learning experiences. I particularly enjoy developing bespoke formal and informal educational programmes and activities. I came to the RSPCA to utilise these skills to deliver the key messages of animal welfare.



RSPCA Prevention and Education Facilitor Clover Cotmore 

Clover Cotmore, Prevention and Education Facilitator

"I have recently returned from Vietnam where I spent a year working at a Primate Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre. It was here that I got to see first hand how important education is in the prevention of animal cruelty which led me to devote the majority of my time talking to schools about animal welfare.  I later went on to work at a large international school where I project managed a variety of community based initiatives relating to either people, the environment or animals. Generation Kind is at an important part of its journey and I look forward to working with a team that inspires the next generation to be empathetic and compassionate towards animals."


RSPCA Regional Prevention and Education Adviser Elaine Davis

Elaine Davis BSc(hons), PGCE
Regional Prevention and Education Advisor - Midlands

"I have taught across the range of primary ages and I was always particularly interested in how we developed the emotional literacy of our young people, not just their academic results.  I am passionate about helping today's young people develop into responsible, compassionate and resilient adults and decision makers of the future. Teaching about animal welfare in the school curriculum is the perfect way to develop these skills and promote consideration and empathy in a fun and engaging way.  I am truly excited about the potential of the Generation Kind initiatives to support education professionals to help us secure a kinder future for us all where animal welfare is given the priority it deserves."


Rebecca Dunning RSPCA Education

Rebecca Dunning (B.Sc, PGCE)
Regional Education and Prevention Advisor - Wales

"Animal welfare is largely to do with human understanding of the animals needs. Being a secondary school teacher myself, I feel strongly that education is the way forward to help young people recognise empathy and make a difference. All human beings should promote kindness and prevent cruelty in their every day lives and working for such an inspiring and worthy charity has allowed me to become part of the reducing the risk and making a difference."


RSPCA Education Training and Development Adviser Caroline Francoli with her pet husky

Caroline Francoli (BEd.Hons)
Regional Education Prevention Advisor - North
"Having been a Primary School Teacher for over 20 years, I have seen first hand the positive impact of animal welfare education upon young people. I feel it is imperative that we educate future generation to have empathy with animals and in turn, develop a more compassionate society. Working with the RSPCA is a tremendous privilege and I endeavor to promote kindness and prevent cruelty, through encouraging children to develop positive attitudes towards all animals" 



Regional Prevention and Education Adviser Hannah Mehta

Hannah Mehta
Regional Prevention and Education Adviser - South-East

"I am a qualified youth and community worker and primary school teacher with plenty of experience of inspiring children and young people to find out more about their world and to take action about issues that are important to them. I believe that through learning how to be compassionate towards animals, children and young people can develop their self-esteem and show better respect and empathy towards people too. I am proud to be part of a team that is helping to prevent animal cruelty by inspiring a generation of young people to be kinder to animals."



Kate O'Regan - RSPCA Education

Kate O'Regan - BA (Hons), PGCE, QTS
Regional Education and Prevention Advisor - North

"Before working for the RSPCA I was a Secondary and A Level teacher teaching in mainstream schools and field studies centres teaching Geography, Ecology and Geology and I have worked in the sector for 15 years. I am a huge advocate for learning outside of the classroom and have seen the positive impact it can can on children, young people, animals and their environments. Animal welfare education plays a very important role in shaping a young person's attitudes and behaviour towards animals and developing compassion for all living things-  whether that be pets at home, animals on farms, or animals in the wild."



Andrew Pearson Volunteer Speaker Scheme Facilitator

Andrew Pearson
Prevention and Education Facilitator

Andrew is responsible for the day to day operation of the scheme. Alongside the role recruiting and training volunteers, he also leads on the development of the scheme, highlighting new areas that the scheme should branch into and working with colleagues across the society to ensure that we have the appropriate information.




Regional Prevention and Education Advisor Pamela Whiteside

Pamela Whiteside
Regional Prevention & Education Adviser - Southwest