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Fundraising ideas at home

Check out our creative ways to fundraise!

We've put together some virtual fundraising ideas so that you can continue to support our vital work from the comfort of your own home. So gather your friends, family and colleagues (virtually of course) and show your support.

There are plenty of ways to get involved by fundraising online. So why not try something new and have fun at the same time! Don't forget to request a fundraising pack too.

Keep the kids busy with these fab FUNdraising ideas!

  • Ask the kids to help you out around the house, and with every chore they complete, donate an amount of your choice to the RSPCA. You can pay in your fundraising online.
  • Sponsored reading challenge - for every minute of reading the kids do, donate an amount of your choice to the RSPCA. You could even turn it into a tournament!
  • Snack challenge - the kids get £1 a day to choose their snacks (for example, crisps 40p, apple 10p, biscuits 15p each). Parents, your money goes to charity, and the kids learn to limit their snacks!
  • Get into the garden and start a household ball keepy-uppy competition! Start a collection jar and donate 10p per keepy-uppy, whoever does the most wins half of the jar, with the other half donated to the RSPCA!

Spend time with others for a great cause!

  • Host a virtual dinner party with friends using video-chat, and donate the money you would have spent on a night eating out! There are some great free apps available such as 'Zoom'. 
  • Organise a movie night with friends - pick a film, and all press play at the same time! Donate the money you would have spent on a cinema ticket and snacks.
  • Set up an online pub quiz for you and your friends. You could ask for a donation per player, and split the prize money between the winner and the RSPCA!
  • You could host a virtual talent show, karaoke or lip sync competition - your very own Eurovision song contest! Ask for a donation per entry.
  • Why not bring the family together (virtually) by hosting a family Olympic Games, a Great Family Bake Off, or a Board Game tournament? Whoever wins gets to decide how much the other competitors donate to the RSPCA!

Tidy up, give it up, and step it up for animals!

  • Is there a word or phrase you use too much? Every time you say it, put £1 into a jar and donate the collection to the RSPCA.
  • Working from home? Donate the cost of your usual weekly commute, and ask colleagues to join in by setting up a Justgiving page for your group.
  • Give something up for a day, week or month! Whatever your guilty pleasure, whether it's sweets, chocolate, crisps or TV - ask your friends and family for sponsorship.
  • Donate your unwanted books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and games to raise money through Zifitt. Ask your friends and family to get involved too, all from the safety and comfort of your own homes. Simply visit Zifitt, enter your barcodes and send off your unwanted goods. Spring cleaning never felt so good, now that you can turn your declutter into donations!
  • Take the plunge by livestreaming a head shave, leg wax or beard shave to your friends and family and ask for sponsorship.
  • Why not support us on your special day by asking for a birthday, engagement, anniversary or Easter donation instead of gifts, cards or chocolate eggs? You could even set up a and share your page on social media.

Time to burn, time to learn!

  • Do you have a special skill that you can share with others? Set up a video call and teach your friends and family a dance routine, delicious recipe, knitting pattern, or whatever your passion is and ask for donations in return.
  • If you're looking for ways to keep children learning and entertained, we have some amazing online activities and resources provided by our Education Team. These quick bursts of animal welfare are fun and easy to do, and are great for teachers, parents and carers looking to get young people exploring topics that can help to improve the lives of animals. The great news is, these activities are absolutely free for you to download and use!

Internet enthusiasts unite for animals!

  • Start your own online collection for the RSPCA by setting up a JustGiving page and sharing on your social media channels and with all the contacts on your phone.
  • You can fundraise while livestreaming your online gaming sessions using Twitch. Check out our gaming webpage for help to get you started. Whether you're a casual gamer or a seasoned pro, this is your chance to improve the lives of animals and have fun while doing it.
  • Either sell your own items, or browse for new ones using eBay to benefit the RSPCA. Since 2005, eBay users have raised more than £300,000 to help animals in need.

Fundraise in the fresh air!

  • Organise a gardening sweepstake! Choose your favourite plant and encourage your friends to sow seeds at the same time as you. Ask for a donation per participant. The gardener of the plant that flowers or bears its fruit first, wins half the sweepstake donation. Simply donate the other half to the RSPCA. Download our sweepstake poster here.
  • You could start to grow your own fruit and vegetables, and set up an honesty box outside your house for all your neighbours and friends. Safely display your produce, and ask passers-by to make a donation of their choice to your Justgiving page in exchange for your hard-grown food!

Make and create for animals!

  • Spend your time crafting some amazing items! Whether you're painting, drawing, sewing, card making, or crocheting, you can make some great products ready to sell online using websites such as eBay. If you aren't able to sell them quite yet, there's nothing to stop you from preparing for a future fundraiser at your school, work, or local fair!

Work up a sweat and raise some funds!

  • Ever fancied climbing Mount Everest or trekking the Inca Trail? With our virtual events, you can do just that and more by taking on a sponsored challenge on your own or from the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to walk, run, cycle or trek we have the perfect challenge for you.
  • Got more time to focus on getting fit and losing weight? Take on the £1 for a 1lb challenge! Ask for sponsorship for every pound you lose.
  • Once you have chosen your virtual challenge, don't forget to ask for sponsorship from friends and family, and set up a Justgiving page!

Do you have a crazy fundraising idea that you would like some help with, or have any questions?

Get in touch with our Fundraising Team by emailing:

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