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A lot of the animals who come into our care need specialist treatment before they can be found new homes.

Rehabilitation can mean straightforward rest and recuperation, along with any necessary veterinary treatment - but it can also mean something a bit more involved.

Victims of neglect and cruelty

We rescue animals from all sorts of situations. Some have been violently abused, others so neglected that they've never had human contact.

It can take weeks, or even months, for these animals to recover and to prepare them for a new life, in a new home.

Love, patience and understanding

Our centre staff and volunteers patiently get to know each animal so that they can assess the level of rehabilitation needed. 

Time is spent cuddling cats, playing with dogs and walking with horses. It may sound like the activities of a lazy Sunday afternoon, but this is serious work.

A cat who is afraid of people may struggle to find a forever home. A dog who doesn't know how to play will appear so quiet and withdrawn that he may never find a family of his own. And a horse with no manners cannot be worked.

Building the confidence of frightened animals, teaching them how to behave using positive training techniques and showing them how good life can be is so important to their rehabilitation.

Help rehabilitate animals

You can help rehabilitate rescued animals who deserve a second chance in life.

Volunteer your time - give a little time to your local RSPCA centre 

Become an RSPCA Sponsor - help give cats and dogs in distress a safe place to recover

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