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Fundraising calendar

Looking for creative ways to fundraise? Don't worry, we've got it covered!

We have put together some fundraising ideas that you can take on throughout the year. With your friends, family and colleagues, have some fun while raising money for the animals that need us most.

Whatever you decide to do, please don't forget to stay safe and stay up to date with the latest government advice. You can always take any of these ideas, and make them virtual for extra social distancing, too!


  • New year, new you -Do you have something you wish you could give up? Why not do it for charity, ask your friends and family to sponsor you to give something up for the month of January. 
  • Take on a new challenge - We have plenty of events that you can sign up for and work towards this year. Whether you enjoy running, trekking or cycling, there's something for everyone.
  • Unwanted gifts sale - Did you or any of your friends or family receive any Christmas presents that you don't really need? You could sell them and donate the proceeds to the RSPCA! Or donate them to your local RSPCA charity shop.


  • Valentine's Day - Hold a Valentine bake sale at work or school! You could make heart-shaped cookies and cupcakes decorated with beautiful roses, or a red velvet roulade
  • Single and ready to mingle? - Why not organise speed dating, a chocolate box auction, romantic meals for two, sell red roses - and ask for a donation per person!
  • It's Pancake Day - You could throw a pancake party for friends and family and ask for donations at the door!


  • Take on Veggie Month - Try giving up meat for a month and ask your friends and family to sponsor you.
  • St David's Day - Celebrate by throwing a Welsh-themed party! You could make your own daffodil bunting, bake some traditional Welsh cakes or bara brith, and serve it up with a lovely afternoon tea - ask for a donation per person!
  • Celebrate Mother's Day - You could hold a craft fair and make your own presents for all of the mums! You could decorate your own plant pots and plant bulbs inside them, or create your own jewellery.
  • St Patrick's Day - Why not create a themed virtual quiz asking all participants to donate to play. You could bake Irish flag cookies, traditional soda bread biscuits, or give our chocolate and Guinness cake recipe a try. 


  • Celebrate National Pet Month - Why not make up a hamper full of pet goodies and then raffle it off at work or at your fundraising event? 
  • Have fun at Easter - There are so many ways you can fundraise and celebrate Easter! Why not hold a virtual bake off.  You could host an Easter egg hunt, guess the number of sweets in the jar or sponsored mile-long hop at home.  
  • St George's Day - Why not use today to fundraise for animals by throwing a quintessentially English day. You could serve up a full English breakfast or a classic English cream tea. Ask for a donation per person.
  • Organise a gardening sweepstake - Choose your favourite plant and encourage your friends to sow seeds at the same time as you. Ask for a donation per participant. The gardener of the plant that flowers or bears its fruit first, wins half the sweepstake donation. Simply donate the other half to the RSPCA. Download our sweepstake poster.


  • Eurovision party - Whether you love it or hate it, the Eurovision Song Contest is the perfect excuse to have an outdoor fundraising party! You could run a sweepstake and raise money for animals while having a great time. 
  • Have a spring clean - Sell your unwanted books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and games to raise money.


  • World Environment Day - Spend today raising awareness for the problems facing the environment. You could turn it into a fundraiser by hosting a preloved clothes sale, secondhand book fair, tree planting event, litter pick, or a DIY day. 
  • Celebrate Father's Day - You could hold a 'Donuts for dads' bake sale! Why not support us by asking for a donation instead of Father's Day gifts? You could even set up a Father's Day fundraising page on JustGiving.
  • Garden Festival - It's music festival season, why not hold your own party in the garden! Serve food, drinks and play music or sing karaoke - make it a fundraiser by asking for a donation per person.


  • Wimbledon - Bring your friends and family together to watch the games, serve strawberries and cream, organise a sweepstake, or even hold your own tournament! 
  • The 4th of July - Celebrate the day by throwing a 4th of July fundraising party! Serve classic American food, play stateside music, and dress up in red, white and blue. Ask for a donation per person. 


  • International Cat Day - Why not pay tribute to our feline friends by fundraising on International Cat Day. You could bake cat treats to sell to fellow cat owners or make some cute kitty cookies for a bake sale.
  • Teddy Bears Picnic - Make the most of the summer weather and throw a picnic fundraiser. You could choose a theme, have a picnic bake off, have an office picnic with your colleagues, or make it a Teddy Bear's picnic for the kids. 


  • British Bake Off - Why not join in and raise some money for the RSPCA. You could run your own British Bake Off sweepstake, hold a baking competition, bake along with the show each week, or hold a Bake Off bingo night!
  • World Car Free Day - Turn this day into a fundraiser by asking people to sponsor you to either walk or cycle your usual commute to work or school. Alternatively, you could donate what you would normally spend on getting to work.  
  • Exploring in nature - Go foraging in your local woods or park for pinecones, bring them home and make them into ornaments. Add paint, or make them into little hedgehogs. You could sell them for donations at your school or club.


  • World Animal Day - Celebrate World Animal Day and raise money for the RSPCA. You could hold an event where the dress code is favourite animals, decorate tasty treats to look like animals for a bake sale, or take on a sponsored dog walk. 
  • Strictly Come Dancing - Organise a dance-a-thon fundraising event at work, school, or from your own living room! You choose how long your challenge lasts for, and ask for sponsorship for every hour you dance. 
  • Hallowe'en - You could host your own Hallowe'en bake sale at work or school! Check out these brilliant Hallowe'en recipes: Bat brownies, Iced pumpkin biscuits, Spooky marshmallows.
  • Pizza party - Throw a Hallowe'en movie and pizza night for friends and family, make it a fundraiser by asking for donations per entry! You could even give this spooky pizza recipe a go. 


  • Guy Fawkes night Thousands of animals are negatively affected by fireworks each year, so instead of using fireworks at your fundraising event you can take part in noise-free alternatives! Use colourful glowsticks to create crowns and bracelets and do some crafting to create firework-inspired artwork.
  • Leaf clearing - Ask friends, family and neighbours if they need their gardens and pathways cleared of autumn leaves in return for a donation to your fundraising of course!
  • Soup lunch fundraiser - Cook up a large batch of a lovely autumnal soup and take it in to work! You could even use those leftover Hallowe'en pumpkins - simply ask for a donation per bowl!


  • Christmas lights - Do you like decorating the front of your house with lots of lights? Do you get people visiting just to admire the decorations? Why not put a collection box outside and collect some extra donations for the RSPCA!
  • Christmas cards - Get crafty and make your own Christmas cards to sell to friends and family for a charity donation, make sure to let your recipients know that you're fundraising for the RSPCA and give them the link to your JustGiving page
  • Mulled wine and mince pies - Ask your friends and family round for a mulled wine and mince pies evening! You could ask for a donation for every glass they have. 
  • Christmas party - You can do this in person or virtually! Bring all of your loved ones together, ask for a donation per person, and of course don't forget to wear your Christmas jumper!


If you would like to do something but aren't quite sure what, or if you already have a fully-formed fundraising idea, please get in touch! We are here to support you with whatever you decide to do, please register and tell us about your fundraising idea.

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