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Wildlife friendly gardening

UK wildlife is under threat, but we all have the power to change that. Take our quiz to find out how wildlife friendly your outdoor space is. Then join us and take a pledge to do more.

Become a wildlife friend

Pick a pledge that will help you welcome more wildlife into your garden. You can make a difference, no matter how little space you have.

The RSPCA Garden at Chelsea

We're thrilled to have a Sanctuary Garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023. Our stylish and sustainable wildlife garden has been generously funded by Project Giving Back and created by award-winning designer Martyn Wilson. With UK wildlife under threat, we want to inspire everyone to do more with their own outdoor spaces.

Sanctuary Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Keep your garden safe for wildlife

Stash that netting

We rescue hundreds of animals a year who've been tangled in netting. Put sports nets away after use and make sure any nets you use in the vegetable patch or over ponds are pulled tight and checked regularly.

Check who's hiding

Before you cut back trees and shrubs, strim long grass or clear garden waste, make sure no animals are sheltering there. Always check bonfire piles before you light them and give wildlife time to escape.

Avoid chemicals

Using chemicals such as pesticides and weed killer in the garden destroys habitats and is bad news for biodiversity. Keep all wildlife (as well as pets and children) safe by choosing natural, organic methods.

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